Puede que algo sea indeseable porque no llegamos a comprenderlo del todo y, claro, la opción más fácil es odiarlo.

Something may be undesirable because we do not fully understand it and, of course, the easiest option is to hate it.

Diego Rivera

In the center of Mexico, in a mountainous area called El Bajío, you can find two gems of cities: Guanajuato, and San Miguel de Allende. Both cities have played an important role in the independence of Mexico from the Spanish. The latter city takes its name from Ignacio Allende who was a martyr of the war of independence.

Today, both cities have a substantial cultural footprint, with some really interesting artist communities. San Miguel de Allende is also a destination for americans to retire due to its friendly climate and easy living, so it is a lot more afluent.

Guanajuato is also the birthplace of Diego Rivera and you can visit his childhood home.