Where’s your will to be weird?
― Jim Morrison

Here is part 2 of the pictures from a road trip I did back in December. Part 1 is here. This time, I will cover the strange places I visited near the Salton Sea, in Imperial County:

  • Bombay Beach, a sort of ghost town that tried to be a luxury destination back in the 1950s for people visiting from LA. It didn’t really work and there are a lot of abandonned buildings, including a marina, that have been taken over by artists, anarchists, anybody who wants to live outside the system
  • The Salvation Mountain, an artistic creation by a local resident Leonard Knit, built on a hillside, dedicated to Love and God.
  • And nearby, Slab City, an free and anarchist community that has also a lot of art and creation, including a place called “East Jesus”.

Be prepared for a lot of weird art 🙂

The Salton Sea and Bombay Beach

The Salvation Mountain

Slab City and East Jesus