At the beginning of august, we decided to hit the road again and head North. Our first stop is the very cute town of Mendocino. Pretty white wooden houses and a rugged coast.


After Mendocino, we head to Humbolt county, to the venerable Redwoods State Park which has some of the tallest trees in the world. It has also one of the largest remaining area of old-growth redwoods forests like the Rockfeller forest. We do a pretty big hike of about 12 miles.


Continuing our journey North, we make a stop in the pretty town of Ferndale, famous for all the Victorian-era houses that are there.


This is obviously not victorian but I thought it looked cool in a minimalistic kind of way.


We continue towards Eureka and stop at the Redwoods National & State parks.


Those trees are so big you can get lost in them. You feel like you are in Hobbit land and Lord of the Rings.


Finally, we reach Southern Oregon and the city of Port Orford. The coast is magnificent with its dark sands and rocks in the middle of the ocean.


This is a house that was built by some of the pioneers and settlers that move to Oregon in the 1850s. Not very cozy but still very beautiful! It was a hard life.



This is a boat that was used during storms to rescue other boats that were caught in the big waves and rocks. Imagine going on this small boat in the middle of a storm!







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