This is our final stop in Central Vietnam, the wonderful city of Hoi An (which means “peaceful meeting place”). It is a small, well-preserved historic town . Most of the buildings date back to the 18th and 19th century. It was a very active trading port and the city is divided by various canals. The old town is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The food is also very famous and we had several wonderful meals. It is a city where it is nice to take a slower pace and just wander around.



These are fried Wonton prepared in a way that is special to Hoi An.R0000717.jpgR0000736.jpgDSCF1856.jpgDSCF1858.jpgDSCF1888.jpgDSCF1890.jpgDSCF1894.jpgDSCF1896.jpgDSCF1898.jpg

One particularly famous dish here is the local Bánh mì. You can find it everywhere in Vietnam, but they take it to the next level. It can be filled with all sorts of ingredients like Pate, Pork, Beef, Egg and of course a lot of Herbs and Spices.


The Bánh mì Lady.


This bridge is the Japanese Covered Bridge which was built in the 1590s. There has been several restorations since.


No visit would be complete without trying the local food. We went to a very good restaurant called Orivy.

This dish is called Bahn Vac (“White Rose”). It is from Hoi An and made from translucent white dough shaped into a rose.


The next one is Tam Huu Tra Que, made from shrimps and super fresh herbs.


And finally Bánh xèo again.


This was our last day in the center of the country. The next morning, we get up very early to catch a plane to fly back to Hanoi to go to our next destination, the Ha Giang Province!