After Ninh Binh, our next destination takes us to Bai Tu Long Bay, which is right next to Ha Long Bay. Both have very similar landscapes, but Ha Long Bay tends to get very crowded. In any case, this is a wonderful excursion. We see fishing boats and pearl oyster farms left and right.


In the evening, we land on the island of Quan Lan where we sleep in a home stay. The people are very friendly and we even get to learn how to make spring rolls. I must say that I was really terrible at it.

Our boat.




The next morning, we got up early and went for a walk. The town was already busy and there was a farmer’s market.


After breakfast, we hop on the boat again and continue our journey.


The next 3 shots are taken with an iPhone. These are oyster farmers.

2014-12-19 11.12.28.jpg2014-12-19 11.04.33.jpg2014-12-19 10.40.49.jpgDSCF1124.jpgDSCF1130.jpgDSCF1139.jpgDSCF1136.jpgDSCF1142.jpgDSCF1143.jpgDSCF1145.jpgDSCF1149.jpgDSCF1148.jpgDSCF1164.jpg

Happy travellers!DSCF1155.jpgDSCF1150.jpg

After Ha Noi, Ninh Binh, and Bai Tu Long, it is time for us to head towards the center of Vietnam. We take a plane to Dong Hoi, a city near our next destination, Phong Nha Kẻ Bàng National Park.