This is the middle of our trip and we decide to rest a bit. After leaving the Trinity Alps behind us, we spend one night in Redding in a motel (only night that we didn’t camp). There isn’t much to say about Redding. We have a dreadful experience at what is supposed to be their best supermarket: we buy some cheese that ends up being completely moldy (yuk!).

The next day, we drive up I-5 to reach the area around Mount Shasta and spend the day on Lake Siskiyou. We can hear thunderstorms in the distance and the sky is filled with beautiful clouds.

DSCF8975.jpgDSCF8980.jpgDSCF8983.jpgIn the evening, we leave the area and drive in the direction of Lassen National Park. We make a stop for the night in a State Park which has one of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen, the Burney Falls. DSCF8994.jpgDSCF8997.jpgWe hear that the river is filled with lots of Rainbow Trouts (yum!).DSCF9002.jpgDSCF9006.jpgAt the top of a tree, we see a nest of a very large bird. Maybe an eagle..DSCF9009.jpgWe finish they day by watching a very colorful sunset.DSCF9016.jpgDSCF9033.jpg
Next stop, Lassen Volcanic National Park…