The history of the city of Mdina goes back to more than 800 years BC and it was founded by Phoenician settlers as Maleth. It was later renamed to Melite by the Romans. During Byzantine and Arab occupation it finally took its current name. It was the capital of Malta until 1530. The fortified city features an incredible mix of medieval, baroque buildings.

The week I visited Malta, a really heavy heat wave was going on. Temperatures were soaring at 37 degrees Celsius, with humidity at 80%. Needless to say, it was very uncomfortable and not really ideal to visit places during the day. So instead, I visited Mdina at night, and it turned out to be even better. The city looks incredible, and it was almost empty which made it feel like you really stepped back in time.

For Game of Thrones fans, many scenes of the fictional city of Kings Landing are actually shot in Mdina.

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