Kuching is surrounded by parks and wildlife. We first visit Kubah National Park, home of the Palms and Frogs. Then we visit Bako National Park, one of the oldest parks which protects an area of wetlands rich with flora and fauna including the Proboscis Monkeys!

There are more than 100 varieties of Palms in Kubah. We do a hike to a waterfall. As we arrive at the waterfall, it starts pouring rain. But nothing like we had ever seen. It is exactly like being in a shower. We finish completely drenched to the bones and we have our first encounter with the leeches! Leeches are a bit of annoyance is Borneo, sucking your blood as you go on hikes but it sounds worse than it really is.


The waterfall!


Coconut trees kill more people around the world than sharks.


After visiting Kubah, we take a boat to reach Bako where we will spend the night.


This guy spend 2 hours taking pictures of this wild boar.


The macaques were completely out of control.


The landscape is so different in the wet lands.


The proboscis monkey!


These are Nepenthes, carnivorous pitcher plants. They come in all sorts of shapes and colors.


Hiking in Bako was truly an extraordinary experience. We did run out of water which made for a tiring return to camp. But it was worth it!