The next morning, a Saturday, we get up early and get ready to go see the town’s market which attracts farmers and villagers from all around. It is one of the biggest of the province. We start the day with a good bowl of Phở gà (chicken).


Seeing this market was an incredible experience. A lot of the people here still wear traditional clothes, and you can tell from which group someone based on the colors that person is wearing. There are things are pretty shocking to our eyes as they sell any kind of animals for its meat (including live cats and dogs — which I didn’t take any pictures of) but as things are so different here, it is not so easy to quickly judge. In any case, people buy and sell all kinds of good, and there is something for everyone.


The meat market. No refrigeration necessary….


This person was getting a consultation from a local doctor/witch.


After the market, our guide takes on a hike through the mountains. We see breathtaking scenery of rolling hills, rice fields and pass through many villages.


We get invited to share home-made rice wine. No idea how much alcohol content but it tastes very nice. It was only 10 am and we had already 4 or 5 shots.


Our wonderful host.DSCF2529.jpgDSCF2534.jpg

Saying goodbye.

DSCF2541.jpgDSCF2544.jpgDSCF2553.jpgDSCF2568.jpgDSCF2569.jpgDSCF2582.jpgDSCF2584.jpgDSCF2591.jpg DSCF2596.jpgDSCF2606.jpg


The vertical landscape !DSCF2630.jpgDSCF2638.jpgDSCF2640.jpgDSCF2655.jpgDSCF2663.jpgDSCF2667.jpgDSCF2677.jpgDSCF2680.jpg

At the end of the day, we reach the town of Meo Vac.


The weather is fairly cold, so having a hot-pot for dinner is really a treat!


Fellow travellers Leesa and Anthony. Good times!


The whole group together with our guides and drivers.


The next morning, we get up fresh and early for another day of hiking.


The marketing of this hairdresser is quite interesting…


We leave Meo Vac behind us and hike up the hill. One beautiful landscape after the next.


We reach a small village and happen to arrive as children are getting out of school.


The kids really love the camera!



We get invited again into someone’s home to share rice wine again! It’s never too early. Everyone is so nice with us.


We get on our way and leave the village behind.


We leave the high mountains of Hà Giang and enter the province of Cao Bằng.

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