This is the last leg of our journey. We reach the northern park of Ba Bể Lake, the largest natural lake in Vietnam, which is surrounded by limestone mountains. The area is National Park, protecting 65 kinds of mammals, hundreds of birds and rich flora. Upon arrival, we take a nice hike through the forest.

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As we are walking down the side of the mountain into the valley, we see villages of local people who live near the lake.


One our way to the village and just before we reach our homestay, we decide to buy a sugar cane which you can chop up and eat! It is a delicious snack.


Watching the beautiful colors of the sunset.


The next day, we rent a boat and on to the lake!

DSCF2949.jpgDSCF2957 s.jpg

The scenery is so peaceful.


Around the middle of our trip, we reach Puong Cave. The main cave is 50 meters and 300 meters long. The river & lake flows through it.


We stop for lunch.


We go and visit the Dau Dang falls which is a series of rapids on the river. It’s not terribly photogenic but nice to see.


On our way back, we make a last stop at a template on a small island. the template is guarded by 2 big white dogs. They are not very aggressive.


Later in the evening with our guide, Chau, and Pauline, a new friend (from France)


The next day, our final day in Vietnam, we borrow 2 bikes and visit the country side on flat roads, watching the villagers go about their day. It is a very relaxing way to end our journey.


This is it. Afterwards, we meet with our guide again and a driver and they drive us back to Hanoi where we go catch our plane for our next destination, Cambodia.

I was very sad to leave Vietnam as it was such an intense and interesting adventure. We met so many great people, saw so many things. We cannot thank enough our guide Chau and our driver Vung who took great care of us and helped us discover another side to their country. I hope we will back soon!

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